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Advanced Early Riser
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Advanced Early Riser
“How to Become an Advanced Early Riser” is a 66 page ebook by the famous blogger - Steven Aitchison.

The ebook is aimed to help people in getting a good night sleep, rise early, feeling energetic and fantastic to lead a healthy and productive life.

It is priced at USD$37, which comes with a success log, “Ditch The Alarm Clock” bonus ebook and 4 MP3s.

It has 30 days money back guarantee.

My Story

As one who suffers from sleeping problem, I tried it and I have to say: it really helps.

That makes me want to recommend the ebook here because I hope you as a busy woman (be it career or housework) will have a great night sleep and get to accomplish more things in your daily life.

Personally, I’ve been struggling to have a good rest for years. The major distraction for me is the endless dreams. I once attended a seminar and learned that every one actually dreams every night and normally we’ll forget what is it about after we had woke up.

But for me, I remember all the details of my dreams - clearly. That’s why I’m always tired and sleepy after I’m awake because the brain never gets a rest - for a long time. I feel like a zombie.

Then I found “How to Become an Advanced Early Riser”...

Suffering with this distressing sleeping disorder made me purchased the ebook eagerly. I was desperate, hoping for a solution. So I read the ebook but end up feeling a bit disappointed. I was actually expecting some super special ‘never heard before’ secrets.

Then I realized I was wrong. I was over desperate and even haven’t tried on the steps! (Silly me :p) This ebook is not a magic pill. So as the others. We actually have to try to implement the techniques and see what works for us. So I decided to work on it.

To my surprise, applying one of the tips in the ebook helps me a loottttt (pg 11). Of course, I also took up other advice from the ebook. I still have dreams nowadays but they are less and I tend to forget the details.

I’m glad to say that it feels really good to finally starting to get a better sleep now. It’s like getting a fresh cold drink after being lost in the daunting dessert for some time – Relieve!

Now back to the review...

Good Stuff

Nice design
The pages are set horizontally and are split into two rows. This creates shorter paragraphs and sentences which are great for easy-reading purpose. Plus, the layouts are beautifully designed and this helps to keep your interest to read more.

Interesting facts
At first I was afraid of the science facts, you know, the boring stuff. But Steven made it easy and interesting. I get to learn the science of sleep, which is essential to know before doing the practical part of becoming an early riser. It has deepened my understanding and knowledge about sleep, how it works and some steps to take for a good rest. Click here for the full contents.

Success log
Besides the practical advice from "Advanced Early Riser” ebook, there are also quick start guides which are very useful. I especially like “Quick start guide 2 – Empty Mind, Tidy Mind”. To me, this is the most powerful and brilliant technique to have a deep sleep. It’s simple and effective! I fell in love with it and implement this step every night. In fact, this is how I regain my good night sleep after so many years.

Bad Stuff

Guided meditation
There are 4 MP3s included along with this “How to Become an Advanced Early Riser” ebook. 2 of them are music, where one is for relaxing and another is for energy raising purpose. A nitpick of mine is the other 2 guided meditation.

I found it a bit difficult to follow the audio guide due to the differences of accent. And I understand that it may not be suitable to have a transcript for meditation MP3. So... this is just my personal nitpick and may not be a problem for you.


As Sam Veda said it well: “One who gets up early has more time to accomplish his tasks as compared to a late riser. He is blessed with good health, beauty and sharp intellect."

Well I’m not an advanced early riser yet (I hope to be one!), but at least I’m having a better sleep now after taking the advice from “How to Become an Advanced Early Riser” ebook.

If you have the same goal with me – to sleep well, wake up earlier and get more things done, check out the ebook here.

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