Motivational & Inspirational Gifts

Inexpensive, instant and constant inspiration for you to live a positive life

Lacking motivation to achieve what you want?
Having low self esteem?
Facing life challenges and feel hopeless?
Worrying too much and stress out?

Then check out our specially designed gifts.

Each of them comes with a simple, inspiring message to help you to:

End your miserable, get encouraged and pick yourself up fast… They are like your supportive buddy, everyday, everywhere!

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Light Up Your Dreams  | Follow Your Passion | Never Give Up
Someone laughs at your dream? They just don’t believe in your abilities? Or are you lack of confidence to achieve your goal?

motivational gifts are meant to encourage you, reaffirm your commitment to your dream and fuel your fighting spirit to keep going!

Also suitable as: graduation gifts, colleague who is leaving and starting a new venture


Stop Talking Start Doing
Stop delaying, procrastinating, or just wishing but do nothing. Regardless what you are hoping for, these motivational gifts can encourage you to get started!

Also suitable for: overcoming the dread of working, exercising or doing housework :p

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Be Strong
When life doesn’t goes as expected and you feel depress, let these items motivate you: “Be strong! Like a tea bag in hot water.” The meaningful message helps you to keep the faith, never give up and move on with positive outlook.

Also suitable for: friend who is going through a hard time, caregivers, patients, divorcee

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Boost up your confidence and self esteem! These self motivational gifts are specially designed to remind you that you are unique and lovable.

Also suitable for: singles

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Great Day  | Love My Everyday
Having a rough day? These colorful items prevent you from drowning in the sea of negativity. They are also great reminders for you to enjoy every moment of your life and be positive.

Also suitable for: pessimist (ha, just kidding)


Weight & Health Conscious
Having difficulties to resist junk food? Need the extra motivation to take healthy meals? Have fun while losing weight and taking care of your health with these nice motivational items.

Also suitable for: spice up your kitchen, children who don’t like veggies


Close At Heart
Keep the precious memories of a lost loved one with these sympathy inspirational gifts. Customize with photo, name and memorial date.

Also suitable as: pet memorial gifts

Why pick us?

Unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else
Each gift comes with an inspiring and positive message – perfect encouragement for your friends and yourself too
Design on various items, some are customizable too 🙂
Reasonable price
International delivery
Satisfaction guarantee by Zazzle

So go on, give your friend a unique gift of love, support and encouragement. Get one for yourself too. 🙂

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