About Me

Hello My Friend!

Hi, my name is Noel. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you’ll like it.

Well, a bit story about me. I’m a quiet and shy person since I was a child. As you can see, I’m using a graphic image of me (on homepage) instead of real photo…

Yup! I’m shy, but I must say that I’m ‘warm’ inside. 🙂

I still hope to connect and reach out to the world – in a comfortable way, that’s through online!

My Life

I’m 30 now and have been working as a graphic designer for 6 years.

Many people thought that ‘designer’ is a fun, exciting job where you can let your creative juices flow freely.

Well – Not exactly. Just like any other job in this world, it has its own tough and stressful part – meeting unreasonable deadlines, following the client’s ideas even you’ve advised them that the design may not look great…

Sigh. I guess that’s what we called ‘work’, where sometimes we don’t get to do what we like.

Besides an exhausting 9 hours day job, I’m also a caregiver for a depression friend.

Healing depression is a long-winded journey and I must say that it’s not easy for both of us. I tried to be strong, always supporting her and cheering her up, but sometimes, I’m feeling tired and overwhelming.

Hence I wondered…

“How nice it would be if I get to work from home, having the time and financial freedom?”

In that case, I get to spend more time accompanying and helping my friend, and I too, will get to do what I like without worrying how to make ends meet.

Hence, I started to build a website.

So why ‘quotes’ website?

Back to my history…

When I was a little girl, I had no bed time fairy tales. Instead, my dad likes to read me inspirational stories from the book and share some words of wisdom.

One that I remembered the most is a fat, angry chef yelling at his worker: ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!’ Something like this…


Ha… Since then, I knew that romance novel or criminal fiction is not for me. I just love to read inspirational quotes and stories.

My Wish

I hope to build a website where everyone, especially woman like me, get to gain motivation and encouragement to move on. No matter when, where, why or how, turn to these motivational quotes I specially handpicked for you.

Don’t miss out the ‘motivational posters’ and ‘motivational wallpapers’ section where I share some of my creations there. That’s the designs I like, ha 🙂

If there’s any suggestion or comments on how to improve this website, do contact me. Let this website be a warm and helpful one.

My sincere blessings to you.

Best regards,