True Motivational Stories To Inspire You

No super power, no extraordinary intelligence. The hero lies in an ordinary people who face the tragedy with courage and soar in the difficulties.

Read the true stories below.

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How do you face the obstacles in life? How did you stand up after a fall?

What positive attitude you adopt? What did you learned and what motivates you to move on?

Regardless it was a failure, mistake, divorce, illness, tragedy etc, I’m sure you grew and hence, glow with your experience.

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Motivational Stories

Read motivational stories contributed by other readers..

God’s plan for me 
I am a 15 year sexual assault survivor. When I was 24 years old, I’d made two major decisions in my life. The first was to moved out on my own into a new …

I pray God shall guide me the path I walk! 
I am 27 years old, a single mother of 3 daughters, in which I care for each day. I now live with my caring and loving parents in a two bedroom trailer. …

How Failure Succeeded 
Before this, I was a very negative person with all sorts of excuses I used in my life. But things have changed after I’d watched a movie about a person …

God has got a plan for me 
I am what I call the reluctant caregiver. I don’t know, it seems like all a blur now, but I find myself the sole caretaker of my 87 year old mother in …

Just one more sunrise and sunset 
I lost a 38 year old daughter to cancer almost six years ago. She survived the ravages of chemo and radiation along with twenty-five or more major surgeries …