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Who else wants nice, affordable inspiring decor that is fast and easy to apply?



I’ve always wanted to decorate my room wall with a quote that can motivate me every time. But I’m too busy (and lazy, ha) to paint it on the wall or make a collage.

So I researched several wall decals companies and finally I found Right on the Walls.
There are many companies offering vinyl wall decals but personally I’m thrilled with Right on the Walls collection. They have a huge selection of wall quotes which I love but in the end, I decided to try with a custom design.

I e-mailed them my artwork and felt excited while waiting for the product to arrive.

Soon, the day has come… I received the package which contained my vinyl wall quotes, an instruction guide and a ‘star’ shape testing decal.

Since this is my first attempt at installing a wall decal, I asked my friend for a helping hand.

Here are the steps we took to install the vinyl wall decal:


1) Decide a place for the decal. Wipe the wall with a clean cloth to make sure it’s clean and dry.

2) Pick the position. I preferred it to be on eye level. Paste a masking tape in the middle of the decal and stick it onto the wall. Adjust the position so it’s straight.


3) Lift and peel off the back paper till the middle. Then cut off the back paper. Rub the decal slowly and smooth it off.

4) Repeat for the other side.

Voila! My favourite quote is residing beautifully on the wall now!


This is my review of Right on the Walls decal:

Good Stuff

  • Vast collection of removable wall quotes decals (not just graphics)
  • Products are well categorized based on the place that you want to apply your decal (e.g.: bedroom, kitchen, laundry…)
  • The designs are unique, not just plain, straight wordings
  • Custom designs available, you can design yourself on their website,
    send in your own artwork or ask for their custom design service
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast response from the customer service. I received my quotation, answers and proceed for printing in a few days time
  • Products arrived promptly even it’s international delivery
  • Comes in a long, thick, strong box to protect the wall decal
  • Good quality and the colors are almost perfectly same with what I’d designed
  • Free 1 piece of small decal for practice purpose
  • Useful guide and easy application (Managed to install it within 15 minutes)

Bad Stuff

  • Never received the application tool which is shown on their website. In fact, I felt a bit cheated. So I e-mailed them to ask about this. They replied that the application tool is not supplied for my order because it will scratch the print. (I guess my custom order – ‘print’ is different from the typical wall decal). Instead, they suggested me to use a soft towel or my hand. Oh I see… misunderstood clarified.
  • My print is on clear vinyl. The background is transparent but it may look better if the characters are cut out like their other wall decals. I think this can be done by request.

Overall, I’m happy and satisfied with their product. I’ll definitely recommend Right on the Walls if you are looking for vinyl wall quotes because as I’d researched, it offers more selection of sayings decals instead of graphic/shapes decals which other companies mostly have. It’s a fast, easy, mess-free and economical way to spice up your wall.

Feel free to check out other vinyl wall quotes that I like and… happy ‘decalling’!




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